CS800 FIRMWARE 20.18

January 25, 2018

This firmware is used on the latest hardware version of the CS800D (Version 3).
Will not add any features to earlier hardware versions

This is not very informative. Does it fix the dead silent radio issue while a cheap md380 on a rubber duckie works great? Does it fix a scan bug?

Connect Systems CS800 remote mount kit

Below we have a Amateur Radio Operator that has finished the setup of the Connect Systems CS800 remote

Possibly one of the best installs we have seen with the Connect Systems CS800 remote setup.

I used a regular cat 5 patch Ethernet cable to extend the face plate. The cable is hidden under the console and so only the mic cable shows and is visable. The console cover slides over to hide the face plate when closed. It is possible to put the mic in the side console pocket also to hide the unit. 

The base and main unit is under front seat.  I like to hide all cables for all devices if possible.  At times this can be tricky or with many radios.  I also have 110 vac available front and back

Any questions by others, my contact information is available below.

Happy Radio-ing

CS800 plastic housing to the mounting bracket by 4X1UF

Can you show any pics of how you mounted the CS800 plastic housing to the mounting bracket

israel Lavee
Look on my page at qrz.com
You'll see the pictures of my mobile installation.

Connect Systems CS800 Firmware Upgrade

Connect Systems CS800 Firmware Upgrade
I need to do a firware upgrade on my friends CS800.  He has not had any update since he got the radio.  So he'll be going from original or near original firmware/cpu to the newest.  Is there a specific order I need to follow like CPU first then Firmware?  I am a bit confused on the process.



The first thing to check is what versions of firmware are currently installed in the main radio and the front panel. This is best done via the front panel display and the menu system. You need to go through the Main Menu to Utilities to Radio Info, then find the Firmware Version and Front Panel version. The complexity of the update will depend on where you are starting from.

Connect Systems CS800 - Ontario code plug

Connect Systems CS800 - Ontario code plug
have a very good working codeplug with all of Ontario with all world contacts dated back a couple of weeks.

And yet a few new contacts come up as number only...due to fast growth of new users.
I spent a lot of time re-creating this code plug.


CS800 plastic housing to the mounting bracket

CS800 plastic housing to the mounting bracket - remote mount kit with my radio.

Where can I buy the part that attaches to the backing plate?

CS800 plastic housing to the mounting bracket

CS800 Update - External Speaker Modification Procedure

CS800 Update - External Speaker Modification Procedure

We will post something to our website today that shows how to put in the diode. As was mentioned earlier, it does not matter which way you put in the diode. You could also mount the diode external to the CS800 or across the speaker. The problem with this is you might forget in a few years and get another speaker and forget about the diode and burn out the radio after the warranty has expired.

As Jerry mentioned, we have a solution for the external speaker problem and it is being implemented in all new radios being shipped and also those being manufactured. For those who already have a CS800, we will either add the diode for you or send the diode to you for installation. If you want to see what is involved, here is a step by step with photos (sorry, they are not the best pics). I will upload this to the files section also.

Connect Systems Group Facebook group

We have started a new Facebook group where you will find information about all our current and future products as well as have the ability to post and complain like any other group. The name of the group on Facebook is called:

[CS800] Backlight

To set the backlight on all the time on the CS800.  Try this!  Open your software to program the radio. 
Then go down to: 

UI Indication
Go down to Backlight
Change Mode to "NORMAL" and rest will be grayed out

Your light should stay on all the time then,

CS800 15 Pin DIN back panel connector:

CS800 15 Pin DIN back panel connector:

15 Pin DIN back panel connector:
Not tested this for any capabilities, so please use it with caution.
1、 VOL_OUT:Received audio output 
2、 EXT-MIC:External MIC signal input 
3、 IGN IN:Ignition input 
4、 DEO:Received signal demodulation output 
5、 EXT_PTT:External PTT 
6、 Port1:Programmable auxiliary port 
7、 Port2:Programmable auxiliary port 
8、 GND:Gnd 
9、 Port3:Programmable auxiliary port 
10、 5C:DC+5V 
11、 USB_D-:USB- 
12、 USB_D+:USB+ 
13、 DTMFIO:DTMF signal input or output 
14、 GPS-TXD:GPS serial data output 
15、 GPS-RXD:GPS serial data input

CS800_software | CS800_documents


Index of /software/CS800_software

Parent Directory        25-Aug-2015 14:37      -
[   ] CS700DataExporter.exe   22-Aug-2015 15:48   360k
[   ] CS800(1000CH)_Host_S..> 22-Aug-2015 15:16   484k
[   ] CS800(2000)_Host_S2...> 09-Sep-2015 12:46   485k
[   ] CS800(2000)_Host_S2...> 17-Sep-2015 11:40   488k
[   ] CS800(2000)_Host_S2...> 18-Sep-2015 15:39   488k
[   ] CS800(2000)_Host_S2...> 24-Sep-2015 13:25   492k
[   ] CS800(2000CH)_Host_S..> 22-Aug-2015 15:16   485k
[   ] CS800_Bootloader_R2...> 14-Aug-2015 20:31    24k
[   ] CS800_FrontPanel_R1...> 14-Aug-2015 20:32    29k
[   ] CS800_Host_S1.01.04_..> 14-Aug-2015 20:31   480k
[   ] CSI(HAM) CPS V3.03.2..> 14-Aug-2015 20:31   1.9M  
[   ] CSI(HAM1000)CPS V3.0..> 22-Aug-2015 15:16   1.9M
[   ] CSI(HAM1000)CPS V3.0..> 17-Sep-2015 13:00   2.2M
[   ] CSI(HAM2000)CPS R4.0..> 22-Aug-2015 15:16   2.0M
[   ] CSI(HAM2000)CPS R4.0..> 25-Aug-2015 11:01   2.0M
[   ] CSI(HAM2000)CPS R4.0..> 17-Sep-2015 11:39   2.0M
[   ] FlashBurn 2.00_CSI.exe  14-Aug-2015 20:32   4.5M
[   ] FlashBurn1.10_CSI.exe   17-Aug-2015 16:26   4.5M
[   ] MobileFrontPanelUpgr..> 14-Aug-2015 20:32   3.7M
[   ] PL2303_Prolific_Driv..> 17-Aug-2015 15:02   3.0M
[   ] PL2303_Prolific_Driv..> 17-Sep-2015 12:58   4.3M

Index of /software/CS800_documents

 Parent Directory        25-Aug-2015 14:37      -
[   ] CS800 SERVICE MANUAL..> 23-Sep-2015 21:52   1.7M
[   ] CS800FirmwareUpgrade..> 14-Aug-2015 20:34   1.0M
[   ] CS800InstructionManu..> 09-Sep-2015 11:49   1.4M
[   ] CS800_CE.pdf            21-Sep-2015 11:29    66k
[   ] CS800_FCC.pdf           21-Sep-2015 11:29   136k
[   ] CS800_IC.pdf            21-Sep-2015 11:29   450k
[   ] CS801_CE.pdf            21-Sep-2015 11:29    65k
[   ] CS801_FCC.pdf           21-Sep-2015 11:29   135k
[   ] CS801_IC.pdf            21-Sep-2015 11:29   1.0M
[   ] PLEASE READ THIS BEF..> 12-Sep-2015 17:06    12k


CS800 Firmware V2.00.04

A bug was found late yesterday after firmware version S2.00.04_20150916 was posted. While the firmware enables the Monitor function on the CS800, it unfortunately causes the display to go blank for talk group and contact information. A quick repair was sent from the manufacturer, but there are some items to be aware of.

The repair was released with the same version number but a different date. Look for the release under September 18 on our website as firmware S2.00.04_20150918. This fixes the display problem, but unfortunately disables the Monitor function to do so. This is temporary, and a new release that handles both will come out as soon as possible. Do note that keypad programming via the microphone is available in this version.

We apologize in advance for the confusion.

Chris Edwards
Connect Systems Inc.

 Have a look here:

CS800 - upgrade your code plug, open CPS 4.00

CS800 - upgrade your code plug, open CPS 4.00

Radios ship with the latest 1000 channel / 1000 contact version of
firmware unless ordered otherwise
If you received your CS800/801 in September or afterward, there is no
need to update the front panel

CS750 / 751 – Press the ‘O’ key, select ‘Utilities’ (Wrench) menu,
select ‘Radio Info’ menu, scroll through until you see ‘Firmware Ver.’
and select it to determine current version in radio
If your firmware reads as 1.00.## - you are using the 1000 channel /
1000 contact version and your CPS MUST be a 3.03.## version
If your firmware reads as 1.01.## - you are using the 2000 channel / 65K
contact version and your CPS MUST be a 4.00.## version

CSI Team - describe what each Firmware release actually does

CSI Team CS800 Firmware Release Guide

CSI Team,  It would be very helpful if you could describe what each Firmware release actually does. It would also help if you gave more detailed install instructions. We seem to be "intuit'ing our way through releases. Maybe assign to someone who isn't so close to the situation and watch them work through your guidance.